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Ortho Molecular Products Intestin-ol

90 softgels
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Nutritional support to promote a healthy gastrointestinal tract and enhance immune function

Intestin-ol is formulated to balance the GI tract and support overall immune function. It combines three potent essential oils, each of which have been used for centuries to target microbial offenders and to support the immune system against microbial stressors. The immune system is highly complex and requires adequate nutrient levels to function properly. Thyme oil is standardized to include up to 75% thymol, a high powered oil providing anti-microbial properties. Research shows thymol has the ability to interfere with biofilms making an inhospitable environment for microbes to thrive. Clove oil (standardized to include up to 86% eugenol) and Oregano oil (standardized to include up to 75% carvacrol) are both powerful antioxidants and provide microbial balance.