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The Machemehl Method

Science-Based and Data Driven.

We achieve the best outcomes because we never sacrifice quality.

Our products: Each dose of ūnomi products contains all-natural nutrients. No artificial colors or preservatives. We use the most absorbable forms of minerals and B vitamins so you get the most out of every dose. Our products are hypo-allergenic whenever possible. We use standardized herbs that are concentrated for the greatest therapeutic effect. For easy digestion, we use vegetable capsules and natural carriers like olive oil.
Our competitors: With our competitors’ products, you may need 4 to 8 doses to equal one Neurogistics dose. Many use artificial colors and preservatives. Low-cost supplements often use inactive B-vitamins as well as oxides, carbonates, allergenic components, shellacs, and binding agents. Discount brands use dry herb powders that have diminished or nonexistent effects.

Our Supplement Standards

We provide the best quality supplements with the highest grade ingredients to make sure you are given the best possible solutions for your health and wellness needs. Our supplements meet or exceed strict cGMP, NSF, Kosher certified quality standards in FDA regulated manufacturing facilities.

Our products are tested for quality and purity three times in the manufacturing process.  We source and test the professional-grade raw materials for purity. We test again once the product is blended and encapsulated to ensure that we are meeting label claims.  Once the product is bottled, labeled and delivered, it is kept in quarantine until the final test results are returned and meet quality standards.

Our Laboratory Standards

The collection devices we utilize are FDA approved for collection of urine, saliva and blood. We have a unique model of identifying problems and suggesting solutions using independent certified laboratories. All reference ranges reported are provided by the servicing laboratory.

M² is fully HIPAA compliant and uses CAP, CLIA and IQNet approved labs. M²' scientific knowledge bases include recommendations considered best standard of care by the Institutes of Functional Medicine and American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, as well as the American Heart Association dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

Our Core Values

  • We believe a vibrant and healthy life should be accessible to everyone.
  • We believe that health crazes come and go, but true solutions are backed by science with quantifiable results.
  • We believe that people should not only achieve optimal health, but should be empowered with the "why" behind the science so they can live better and be better.